The School of Philosophy is a charitable trust that has offered courses in practical philosophy continuously for 60 years in Auckland.

The School is an Incorporated Society and a Registered Charity under the Charities Act 2005. Its fees are calculated to cover expenses only, it does not make a profit from its activities. All income is reinvested in the School’s activities, there are no dividends to any other parties.

What Do We Offer?

An Introductory Course into Philosophy
Subsequent courses – for those students who choose to continue
Meditation training and support
Residential study days, weekends and weeks at our homestead in Glendowie
The opportunity to participate in helping run the school
Cultural interest groups e.g. Sanskrit, Plato, Art, Music, Shakespeare (subject to demand)

How is the School Structured

The School is made up entirely from the student body (approx 200 students.) There are no paid teaching or administrative staff. Every student originally attended the Introductory Course and continued on attending subsequent courses, in some cases for many years.

It is not owned wholly or in part by any other organisation, nor does it own any other organisation. Its activities are governed by an Executive whose members are elected from senior students of the School.

We are also the parent organisation for the Ficino School, an independent primary school. We share the property at 27 Esplanade Rd, Mt Eden with the Ficino School.