philosophy course

Introductory Course

If you are new to the School of Philosophy the first course to enrol in is our Introductory Course.

If you are curious to find out how philosophy and mindfulness can help your day-to-day life, then join our next enrolment.

Are you looking to begin to understand what it means to simplify, clarify, and enhance your own perspective and self-awareness?

In just 9 weeks you will learn to:

  • Sharpen your memory
  • Refine the power of reason
  • Strengthen your attention span and mindfulness
  • Find the time your mind can’t find
  • Increase your self-reliance
  • Develop ongoing efficiency and equilibrium
  • Gain a sense of fulfillment in your life
  • You can also choose to take part in an introduction to meditation

The course consists of nine weekly meetings that combine teaching with group discussion. There will be the opportunity for students to discuss topics by drawing from a variety of source texts as well as reflection of personal experience. Reading materials will be provided as part of the course.

To find out when the next course begins head to our enrol page.

Want to speak with us?

For help with any of your questions please call 0800 610 539 or check out our FAQ page.

You can also read some testimonials from current students on what their experience has been with the introductory course.