Presence of Mind

This term the general theme will be presence of mind. Again, the approach will be a practical one.

How is it possible to live more in the present?
How may the mind be helped to a greater presence?
Do we agree that presence of mind is important?
If so, why?

The importance of this is that with a greater presence of mind it is possible to see more fully and clearly what is true or untrue, eternal or transient, real or imaginary.
There can be a greater understanding of the underlying causes which have brought about a situation and consequently a better possibility of acting in a way that will be positive and liberating.

As well as having sight we can develop both insight and foresight:

  • Insight is to see more deeply into a situation and
  • foresight is to know what will be the future result of what is happening in the present.

A wise man or woman has greater insight and foresight than is usual in people. A greater presence of mind will also lead to greater self-awareness. The latent possibilities within the being can be activated. The love, happiness, and intelligence, which are within everyone, are naturally available when the mind is truly present.