Along with the introductory course, we offer subsequent courses that follow a similar format but start to provide a little more depth in each of the topics covered.

Eventually courses are supplemented with further activities such as optional study days and residential weeks and weekends at our homestead in Glendowie.

  • Philosophy and Mindfulness Introductory Course

    Are you looking to simplify, clarify, and enhance your own perspective and self-awareness?

    Join our next Introductory Practical Philosophy  Online Course -The Wisdom Within-  starting on...

  • happiness


    During this course, we concentrate on one essential aspect of this self-knowledge, namely happiness.

    What is happiness?
    Is it natural to a man or woman?
    How may it be experienced fully and...

  • love


    With this course, we concentrate on one of the most important subjects that anyone can address, namely love.

    What is pure love?
    What is the difference between a love that is pure and a love...

  • Freedom


    The aim and purpose of philosophy is best summed up in one word: freedom.

    Every human being desires freedom and that desire is present everywhere and at all times. Thus we may learn to drive a...

  • mind

    Presence of Mind

    This term the general theme will be presence of mind. Again, the approach will be a practical one.

    How is it possible to live more in the present?
    How may the mind be helped to a greater...

  • sanskirt study

    Sanskrit Study

    We welcome students to take up the study of Sanskrit as part of their philosophical studies within the School.

    The only pre-requisites are:
    You are currently attending a philosophy group...